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RiskManaged Strategies for Downside Mitigation
Downside Mitigation
Individuals become risk averse out of regret

Defend Principal

Studies show that individuals do not obtain the full potential of investment markets because they look to protect their principal after the market’s drop.  Auour’s method of downside mitigation looks to be proactive to market disturbances by defending principal as markets start to get rough. Our experience from doing so in the past is that people are more able to ride out bad markets and take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.

It's the punch you don't see that knocks you out

Understand Risk

Most investors focus on trying to predict the next big thing which causes them not to see a growing risk that can cause substantial losses in wealth.  Auour turns the process on its head and instead looks to understand the risk within the market and to adjust portfolio holdings to fit the current environment. The basic premise is that a wider perspective can allow for a better long-term return.

RiskManaged Approach
Responsibly Tactical
Trading costs money so trade when necessary

Trade Sparingly

Too often, investors think that a change needs to be made just to look active.  They neglect the fact that a decision to not do anything is an active decision.  Auour aims to monitor market risk environments and make changes only when necessary.  This reduces the amount and costs of trading and its tax impact on realized capital gains.  


Our proprietary algorithm is built on fundamental principles leveraging quantitative research with a focus on risk mitigation while capturing the market’s potential.


Ken DoerrManaging Principal - Auour Investments
Downside Mitigation isn't a New Idea

Let Us Explain

    Instinct Strategies

    Dynamic Asset Allocation Built on Regime-Based Investing


    Take advantage in up and down markets

    Global Equity Levered is our highest expected risk strategy as it looks to amplify up markets and short the markets when we expect a deep and enduring downturn. 


    Core Equity Solution

    Global Equity aims to mimic the global equity markets most of the time and to move into various levels of cash when we predict periods of market disruption.


    An Evolved 60/40 Portfolio

    Global Balanced aims to align to those looking for an equity-tilted balanced strategy and yet be protected in down markets by dynamically adjusting the split between equity and fixed income.


    Income with downside mitigation

    Multi-Asset Income aims to provide a balanced approach to income generation with an equity exposure that will adjust based on the expected risk within the investment markets.


    Core fixed income

    Global Fixed Income aims to be a core fixed income strategy that can dynamically adjust its risk exposure based on the risk measured within the investment markets.

    MUNI Bond

    National Municipal Bonds

    MUNI looks to invest within U.S. municipalities to achieve tax-free income and offer downside mitigation in the event of adverse market environments.

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