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We take a confusing investment world, organize it, analyze it, and unlock the art of dealing with market risk.


We believe that communication is a key component of any investment process. We aim to provide at least monthly commentary explaining our investment positioning and thoughts on the current environment.


Trust is the foundation of our partnerships which we strive to deliver through communication and the integrity of our actions and investment philosophy.


Integrity sits at the intersection of words, actions, and beliefs. We aim to demonstrate those qualities in our daily interactions with our clients.

Built on Integrity

A Focus on Continuity

Integrity was created for the benefit of you, our client, and is the next step towards building continuity in your personal financial plan.

The partnership between adviser and client allows us to coordinate the multiple components of your specific financial plan, creating a process that strives to optimize the power of your savings. Integrity will institutionalize and streamline this process so that every Integrity advisor across the country will utilize our unique planning process. This added level of continuity, will ensure that your individual plan will remain intact.


Client Focused Solutions

Every client is unique, requiring a client-centric approach in creating tailored solutions fitting the needs of the client.

Seasoned Professionals

At the heart of the firm is over seven decades of investment experience that has learned from prior market cycles.

Risk Managed Approach

Strategies are built using an empirically-based methodology to detect changes in global market risk.

Innovative Approach

Auour is recognized as an innovator in downside mitigation, advancing investment practices for (au)our clients’ benefit.

Advanced Technology

At (au)our core is the Auour Regime Model (ARM), a proprietary algorithm that monitors risk across global investment markets.

Full Cycle Partner

The firm strives to produce superior results in all market environments so that clients can gain comfort in their financial wellbeing.

Sustained success is achieved by minimizing emotional responses to changing market environments.  Our systematic process built on fundamental principles resists the temptation of taking on risk when not being paid and avoids becoming risk-averse at the worst time out of regret.

Ken DoerrManaging Principal of Auour Investments

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    Your Team

    A common mission


    We constantly ask ourselves how do we keep our clients engaged in making the right decisions? Auour’s strength is our people. Different backgrounds, institutional experiences, and perspectives inform our process and enhance our effectiveness as a trusted partner to our clients.


    The three founders of Auour have over 70 years of combined experience in managing large sums of money for institutions and individuals.  Their history incorporates most styles of investing, as well as, most asset classes spanning the globe.


    In the eight years the firm has managed money, the process and individuals of Auour have been tested in different investing environments.  This adds to the long history of experiencing both material bull and bear markets that have characterized the markets over the past 30 years.

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