Client Sites

With the intent to be as transparent as possible the following sites are provided for use, online resources to store, review, and assist in the management of your financial affairs.

TD Ameritade link
Custodial access to accounts, reporting
TD Ameritrade Institutional login
Fusion Advisor Wealth Portal Link
Financial account aggregation, client document storage
Fusion Advisor login
MoneyGuidePro Link

Financial planning, risk assessment
MoneyGuidePro login
Morningstar Link
Quarterly portfolio reports
Morningstar login


Important Notice

In order to provide our clients with additional services and resources, Integrity Financial Advisory (IFA) has provided links to external "third party" sites.  Any third party site you visit by a link from this site is solely the responsibility of the vendor, merchant, or other party providing the site.

Links to third party sites are on this page are for the convenience of clients only. The content (including information in the form of text or graphics) of any third party site visited via a link from this site is solely the responsibility of the provider of that web site.  Any business, financial or other transactions or agreements you enter into with a party listed in this site or linked from our site are solely between you and the other party.

Although IFA makes a concerted effort to ensure that the information provided by third party sites is reliable and accurate, IFA is not responsible for any such content (or the accuracy thereof) found on any third party site that may be accessed via a link from this site.  IFA hereby disclaims any responsibility for content found on any third party site accessed via a link from this site.